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LiteStream D

Smart LED Drivers with Wireless
Bluetooth Control & Dimming

Formerly SI Series – For Use with LTF’s  Mobile App
What do you get when you combine LTF’s durable, reliable
LED drivers with the latest Bluetooth mesh technology, and
pair them with our brand new Tuya Lighting Control & Smart
Home App?

You get a complete, versatile and user friendly solution to
turn your LED lighting into IoT connected smart devices!

SI Series Wireless Integrated LED Drivers and Lite Stream Lighting Control App


  • WIFI & Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Alexa & Google compatible*
  • Four-zone control
  • Fully dimmable
  • Scheduling, programming


  • Constant Current models for single and dual channel COB LEDs
  • Single channel for single CCT or Dim to Warm LEDs
  • Dual channel for CCT Tuning (CCT range depends on LED)
  • Five channel options for RGB & RGBW applications
  • Indoor and Outdoor models
  • Residential and Commercial
  • New or retrofit installations

Standard Models

Custom Form Factors upon request

LINE VOLTAGE (Constant Current)
Model NumberInputOutput VoltageOutput CurrentForm FactorsNumber of ChannelsSpec Sheet
DS15W300C3050BT100 – 305V AC
50/60 Hz >0.90 PF
30V – 50VDC300mASM22 CH
DS15W350C1642BT16V – 42VDC350mASM22 CH
DS20W440C3042BT30V – 42VDC440mASM22 CH
DS20W500C2040BT20V – 40VDC500mASM22 CH
DS30W700C2042BT20V – 42VDC700mAF52 CH
DS35W830C2042BT20V – 42VDC830mAF52 CH
DS45W1000C2545BT25V – 45VDC1000mAF52 CH
LINE VOLTAGE (Constant Voltage)
Model NumberInput VoltageWattageOutput VoltageLoadForm FactorSpec Sheet
96W12VDual Channel 12V DC LED StripG5 (Outdoor)
LDS96W24VNDBT2REO96W24VDual Channel 24V DC LED Strip
LOW VOLTAGE (Constant Current)
Model NumberInputOutput VoltageOutput CurrentForm FactorsNumber of ChannelsSpec Sheet
DL215W350C3336BTW 24V DC/AC
33V – 36V DC350mA (x2)R6, R72 CH
DL215W350C2443BTW24V – 43V DC350mA (x2)R6, R72 CH
DL215W350C3336WZ233V – 36V DC350mA (x2)R6, R72 CH
DS215W350C2443WZ224V – 43V DC350mA (x2)R6, R72 CH
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