Low Voltage Lighting Control Modules

In Line Dimmer Module for Low Voltage LED Lighting

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  • The fast and simple way to add deep, smooth dimming to low voltage lighting systems
  • Wide dimming range 100% to <1%
  • Standard DC barrel jack input / output connectors
  • 5, 7 & 10 Year Warranty Options

Instructions for Use:

  • Use the In Line Dimmer with power supplies that are approved for Low Voltage lighting systems only.
  • Disconnect the main power to the power supply before wiring.
  • Suitable for indoor use. Direct wire with DC jack only.
  • 120V AC power to the LED power supply must be disconnected at all times during installation.
  • Total wattage of all LED fixtures used must not exceed the watt rating of this dimmer.
  • Connect output of low voltage power supply using DC Jack connector to the input of this dimmer.
  • Connect DC jack connector from the low voltage lighting system to output side of the dimmer.
  • Make sure dimmer is connected to low voltage side of power supply.
  • Turn on the power supply.
  • All wiring must be in accordance with national and local electrical codes.
LTF Low Voltage In Line Dimmer


Product Specifications:

Model Number: TA150W24VDIM

Wide Dimming Range:  100% to <1%

Dimming Type: Electronic Low Voltage

Input Voltage: 24V DC

Max Wattage: 150W

Load Capability: 6.25A Max.

Load Type: LED Lighting

Available Colors: Black, White, Custom

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