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LiteStream C Wireless Mesh Controller Modules for Lighting Control & Dimming – Bluetooth / WiFi

Formerly SI C Series

LIA Award winner 2021

LiteStream C series controller modules are unique and easy-to-install wireless control devices for IoT applications with high power density of 30W / Cubic Inch. LiteStream C can be added at the output of any standard constant voltage driver. Every standard LED driver can be converted to a IoT device, enabling color tuning, dimming, zone controls and RGB controls via Bluetooth or WiFi protocols.

LiteStream C series products are offered in three models: Single Channel / 96W for single CCT or dim-to-warm;  2-Channel / 200W for color tuning, and 5-Channel / 300W for RGBW+WW controls






  • Transform 12V or 24V constant voltage LEDs into Bluetooth wireless IoT-connected Smart devices
  • Single channel for Dim-to-Warm & single CCT LEDs
  • 2-channel for color / CCT tunable LEDs
  • 5-channel 300W for RGBW+WW controls
  • Durable, specifier-grade build quality & electronic components
  • Ideal for new or retrofit installations & OEM LED lighting fixtures
  • Tuya compatible


Download the Free Lite Stream Mobile App

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for Android OS from Google Play Store

Download Instructions for Lite Stream Setup & Usage (PDF)  >

LiteStream C (formerly SI C series) Wireless Mesh Controller Modules

With Bluetooth® and WiFi Connectivity; For use with LTF’s Lite Stream Mobile App and other compatible apps

Model Number (1-Channel): SI1X100WAD1224BT1
Model Number (2-Channel): SI2X100WAD1224BT2
Model Number (5-Channel): SI5X250WD1224BT5

Download the Wireless Mesh Module Spec Sheet (PDF) >

Input: 12V or 24V DC

Output: 12V or 24V DC (~7.5 kHz PWM)

Max. Wattage: 96W per Channel

NOTE:  Do not use Bluetooth Module in combination with hard-wired dimmers (ELV, Triac, 0-10V).

Visit Our Lite Stream Mobile App Page for More Information.

Download Instructions for Lite Stream Setup & Usage (PDF)  >


5-channel wireless mesh module


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