The Future of Lighting Control is Here.

We’re proud to introduce Lite Stream, LTF’s free smart lighting and home control app for Android and iOS. It was made for our new S.I. Series LED Drivers with Bluetooth Wireless Dimming and CCT Tuning, but it is also a fully featured control panel for all of your smart home / IoT devices.

With Lite Stream you can schedule and automate actions based on trigger events (“at dawn, turn on my bedroom lights and tune the CCT to a cool color temperature”). Or create your own custom lighting scenario for any situation.

Manage rooms / zones to simplify control of multiple devices. Share control with multiple app users and groups, and assign permissions. Lite Stream works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home digital assistants, as well as IFTTT automation tools.

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. And did we mention its FREE?


Lite Stream Mobile App Features

For Use with LTF’s S.I. Series LED Drivers with Wireless Dimming & Control

  • Google Home / Alexa / IFTTT Compatible
  • Room / zone and group creation for combined lighting control and easy access
  • CCT tuning (CCT range depends on LED specs)
  • Dimming to 1% (1% based on O/P wattage, 3% based on input wattage)
  • Control all of your IoT / Smart Home connected devices and appliances
  • Scheduling / Automation: Trigger based on temperature, humidity, weather, sunset / sunrise, or time & day conditions
  • Actions: ON/OFF, dim, CCT change, effects, send notification
  • Device sharing
  • Cloud connected (with Bluetooth gateway), control from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

NOTE:  Do not use Lite Stream to control lighting that is already connected to hard-wired dimmers (ELV, Triac, 0-10V).

Download Instructions for Lite Stream Setup & Usage (PDF)  >

Lite Stream Mobile App Wireless Bluetooth Control and Dimming

Lite Stream App How-To Videos