As the polar vortex of 2019 descended upon the midwest, bringing record smashing low temperatures, the intrepid team at LTF seized this rare opportunity, braving the bitter cold to answer one simple question:

Are LTF’s LED Bulbs, strips, and power supplies tough enough to start up and operate normally when the air temperature is nearly -30°F and the real feel temp is a brisk and bracing -45°?

What, you might ask, would inspire us to risk frostbite and hypothermia to pursue this line of inquiry?

The same indomitable spirit of human curiosity that drove us to sail our ships into uncharted waters. To put brave men on top of a missile and fire them at the moon. To see what happens when mentos candy is dropped into a bottle of diet coke…


Our setup was placed outside 3 hours ahead of time to allow the components to cool to the ambient temperature. Test subjects include SunLight2 MR16 LED Bulbs, QFLEX LED Tape, QLUX LED Strips and an assortment of electronic transformers and led drivers.

We use the multi socket AC power distribution unit to close the circuit and energize our equipment… and…. Success!

Everything functioned as expected, and continued to run for several more hours without a hitch.

So there you have it… LTF’s LED components stand up to the harshest conditions the Chicago area can dish out.