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High performance LED Retrofit Solutions are key to your lighting systems success!

LTF offers a wide variety of retrofit LED boards, with customized heat sink solutions for NEW products or existing lighting products!

LTF engineering teams design, test, and manufacture high light output LED retrofits based on OEM applications. We thermally analyze each solution to maximize light output and performance of the fixtures. Our LED retrofit solutions are ideal for your applications.

  • High Lumen output
  • Tight Binning 2, 3 and standard Steps (MacAdam Ellipses) options
  • DC and AC solutions
  • High CRI 80+, 85+, and 90+
  • Complete color rendering index (CCT) options 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 6000K
  • Easy to install on most of surfaces
  • Variety of high performance LED chips



Architectural and General Lighting
Indoor and Outdoor applications
Surface mount, Wall mount, pendants
New retrofits
Existing fixtures retrofits


Model Number Max. Wattage Typ. Forward Voltage Typ. Forward Current Form Factor Dimensions Data Sheet
QLUXCOBI1512903018WD 11W 35V 350mA Square 14.9×11.9×1.5mm
QLUXCOBIR151293018WD 11W 35V 350mA Square 14.9×11.9×1.5mm
QLUXCOBI1818903018WD 26W 36.5V 700mA Square 17.75×17.5×1.6mm